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As New York State schools plan for the beginning of a new year, the mental health and wellness of students, staff and families are one of the many concerns facing teachers and school leadership. The Covid-19 pandemic and concerns about social injustice have increased the level of stress for many students and staff. Focusing on wellness beginning in the summer and through the first several weeks of school will support academic success for the rest of the school year. 

To help, we have compiled resources for mental health instruction and social emotional learning, webinars and professional development opportunities, and practical strategies and tools to promote resiliency and build social connections.  See links below for more information.

Upcoming Educator Panel: Reflecting, Rethinking and Responding to Support Student Mental Health
A change in school environment this fall to socially distanced In-person, remote, or a hybrid model for classroom instruction will pose challenges to educators and students, including having an impact on mental health. A proactive approach to supporting the social-emotional needs of students and mental health education is essential and can make school personnel and students more resilient. Hear from educators representing a wide range of community demographics as they reflect on their experiences and how they are planning to support the mental health of themselves and students this coming school year.

REGISTRATION CLOSED for the Elementary School Panel: August 4th at 10:00 am – 11:00 am
A recording will be posted following the training.

REGISTRATION CLOSED for the Secondary School Panel: August 6th at 10:00 am – 11:00 am
A recording will be posted following the training.

Take a Training. We offer self-paced, live, and recorded sessions.

To help schools prepare for the coming year, we are offering a variety of professional learning opportunities, covering topics such as mental health and wellness, trauma-informed schools, supporting staff wellness, and strategies to promote youth mental health. Contact us to discuss how we can best meet your training needs.

Learn Useful Tips for Hybrid Learning.

Based on conversations with educators, we have compiled practical strategies to help educators create a classroom experience that supports mental health and relationship building using daily engagement activities for students; supports personal and student wellness and resiliency; and provide ideas specifically for the virtual learning environment. 

Discover Tools and Activities to Support Mental Health.

Find tools and activities to support the mental health of students, families, and staff. While some factors that create mental health problems cannot easily be changed or eliminated, we can maintain mental health and wellness by building our “toolbox” of wellness strategies. Our staff has found or created some fun ideas and activities.

In addition, stress sometimes comes from worry about things outside of our control and our inability to focus on the “moment”. Apps are a great tool for practicing mindfulness and to become more self-aware of our emotions and accompanying response. Incorporate the use of apps into daily routine or classroom assignments to help students focus on the present moment and manage stress.


Share Searchable NYS Community Resources.

Looking for resources for your families? We have what you need! Many families are needing support now more than ever. We’ve compiled a list of searchable databases to help you locate resources more easily.
Community Based Organizations searchable by county
NYS Multiple Systems Navigator – for health, education, human service, and disability information.


Engage Families with Mental Health Education Trainings and Resources.

We have compiled family and caregiver mental health resources that can be easily shared with your community via social media, emails or through a link on your website.  Resources include our 30-minute psychoeducational webinars for families and caregivers which include:  understanding mental health and wellness, coping with a crisis, understanding trauma, and incorporating mindfulness practices in the home. Visit the links below for more information.
Family Education Webinar Series
Supporting Mental Health at Home
Additional Resources for Families and Caregivers


Virtual Wellness Room
Need a break? Looking for ideas for self-care? Visit our Virtual Wellness Room for youth and adults.

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