Calming Classroom: Meeting the Social-Emotional Needs of Students

Featuring Lansingburgh Central School District

The Calming Classroom creates a specific area in the classroom dedicated to the emotional support of students. While being trauma-informed, this area will:

  • Help students regulate their emotions and feel safe
  • Teach SEL core competencies such as self-awareness and self-management
  • Build connectedness by keeping students in the learning environment

The utilization of comfortable chairs, warm colors, and relaxing devices are some ways you can design a Calming Classroom in your school.

Dana Roman, Director of School-Community Partnerships at Lansingburgh Central School District, shares what her school district does to create a Calming Classroom.
Calming Classroom was recorded on January 29, 2020.

Lansingburgh School Principals had this to say…

Students no longer see leaving the classroom when they are upset as the first option. They are choosing comfortable seating and soothing activities when they need a break.

Calming classrooms have allowed students to take more ownership of their classroom space; I have noticed less destruction of property such as writing on desks.

Calming classrooms have helped to decrease the number of behavioral management infractions.

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