Creating Culturally Responsive Mental Health Education for Immigrant Youth & Families

With the US becoming increasingly diverse, with 1/4 of youth being immigrants or children of immigrants, standard Eurocentric messaging in mental health education just isn’t relatable to many immigrant kids and their families. This training will provide an overview of the unique mental health experiences of immigrant youth & families (including immigration/acculturation stress, perpetual foreigner stereotype, race-based traumatic stress, cultural stigma surrounding mental health, etc.); and guide educators in framing mental health messaging from a culturally responsive lens. Strategies discussed will include framing from cultural language and values, leveraging cultural beliefs/practices supportive of mental health, facilitating intercultural/intergenerational communication, and partnerships for community-led role modeling & leadership. The speaker will share lessons learned from community-led mental health education in Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities.


  • Understand the importance of addressing mental health from an appropriate cultural lens

  • Understand how mental health looks different for immigrants & children of immigrants

  • Learn how to tailor mental health messaging from relevant cultural perspective, language & values

  • Identify strategies to combat stigma & support individuals in a culturally responsive way

  • Promote community partnership to enhance cultural responsiveness in services/education



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