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Suicide Safety for School Staff (1 hour CTLE)

This training is designed to meet the basic awareness needs of any and all school staff.  Emphasis is on recognizing warning signs, understanding what it means to create a caring and competent school community, identifying the protocols in place at school to support a student with thoughts of suicide, and making a warm hand-off.

You can access the module here.

Supporting the Mental Health and Wellness of Students (1 hour CTLE)

An online, self-directed module for school personnel is now offered to education professionals; it will be eligible for one CTLE credit.

This course takes approx 1 hour. You can leave and return to the course if necessary. Audio and videos are part of the course so speakers are needed. Finally, at the end of the course, there is a test in order to obtain a certificate.

 You can access the module here.

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