Join MHANYS’ School Mental Health Resource and Training Center as we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month this May!

Below are some tools and resources to use during the month of May and throughout the school year.

MH Awareness Month Posters

Spread the word that May is Mental Health Awareness Month by hanging posters designed by MHANYS’ School Mental Health Resource and Training Center in your school’s hallways, locker rooms, cafeteria, bathrooms, and faculty room.

Be Kind to Your Mind poster – includes graphics illustrating self-care activities to promote physical and mental health and wellness. It is intended more for the elementary level, but certainly can be used in any school building.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month poster – highlights mental health literacy messages on post-its, more appropriate for the secondary level. The secondary poster also includes three blank post-its at the bottom for the administration or counseling staff to fill in ‘School Resources’ to tailor the poster to each school district.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month poster (blank post-its) –  available for K-12 teachers to have students add tips on self-care and display in the classroom.

It is recommended that the 11″x17″ posters be printed in color.

Wellness Toolkits

Building a Positive School Climate with Gratitude –  to celebrate teacher appreciation week (May 6-10, 2019) this toolkit is designed to help families, students, administrators and the community show appreciation during this special time of year. The toolkit also includes ideas for year-round wellness and community-building through small acts of gratitude and kindness, and self-care opportunities for school staff.  

School Wellness Toolkit (coming soon) – tips that can be implemented year-round to promote a positive climate and culture for overall physical and mental health and wellness for students, educators, administrators and staff. The toolkit includes ways to help foster an environment of wellness for the entire school building and/or school district, short lesson ideas for teachers to use in the classroom with students, tips on how to promote wellness for school personnel and the importance of forming a wellness committee to develop a long-term district wellness plan and a successful wellness fair for the entire community.

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