Coping Tools for Youth and Families

While some factors that create mental health problems cannot easily be changed or eliminated, we can maintain mental health and wellness by building our “toolbox” of wellness strategies. The apps below provide an easy way to build mindfulness, breathing and guided imagery practices into the daily routine for both children and adults.  In addition, our staff has found or created some fun ideas and activities to try at home.

Children and Youth

Feelu - Mindful, Relax for Kids

Web address:
Description: Feelu helps children ages 4 and older identify and understand their feelings, respond appropriately to uncomfortable feelings and situations, and practice relaxation and gratitude.
Users: 4.6-star average rating (Apple App store) *Cost: 1.99*

Kids Mindfulness Meditation

Web address:
Description: This app, designed for children ages 4 and up, includes guided meditations to help foster early development of some of life’s most important skills, such as focused attention, a sense of calm to support sleep, and kindness.
Users: 4.6-star average rating (Apple App store) *In-App purchases*

Mindful Powers

Web address:
Description: Mindful Powers uses play to help children, ages 4 and up, practice mindfulness to control emotions like anger and stress, and to develop healthier relationships.
Users: 4.1-star average rating (Apple App store) *In-App purchases*

Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness

Web address:
Description: Using audio stories, comforting sounds, music, and other guided meditations this app was developed for children 4 and up to ease worry and support sleep.
Users: 4.7-star average rating (Apple App store) *In-App purchases*

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids

Web address:
Description: Designed for children, ages 5-10, to help them learn the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Activities or “missions” lead to the discovery of superpowers for sleep better, being calm, and learning how to resolve conflict.
Users: 3.9-star average rating (Apple App store) *In-App purchases*

Zen Studio Meditation for Kids

Web address:
Description: This digital coloring app for children ages 4 and up allow youth to create simple, simple, geometric designs and colorful patterns to help increase relaxation and focus. Calming music, and soothing sounds add to this soothing activity.
Users: 3.8-star average rating (Apple App store) *In-App purchases*

Youth and Adults


Web address:
Description: Created by and for Black, Indignenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), this app provides a plethora of guided meditations on easing anxiety, healing from micro-aggressions, and managing stress.
Users: 1000+ downloads with 4.8 average star rating (Apple App Store) Free with in-app purchases offered at a sliding scale


Web address:
Description: Provides guided meditation sessions in lengths of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 min. Meditation includes “sleep stories,” breathing programs, masterclasses, and relaxing music. Topics include self-esteem, breaking habits, managing stress, relationships, and many more.
Users: 10M+ downloads with 4.3 star average rating (Google Play Store)  *In-App purchases*


Web address:
Description: Provides users with activities and games developed through evidence-based interventions. Utilizes a “Happiness Score” to measure your emotional well-being. Claims 86% of frequent users get happier after 2 months.
Users: 100K+ downloads with 3.7 average star rating (Google Play Store)  *In-App purchases*


Web address:
Description: Claims to be the only meditation app providing clinically-validated mindfulness meditation. Provides information, tips, and guided meditation for anger, focus, running, kids, and many other targeted areas.
Users:  10M+ downloads with 3.7 average star rating (Google Play Store)  *In-App purchases*

Mood Meter

Web address:
Description: Created by Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, this app provides the ability to cultivate emotional intelligence by helping you learn to track, identify and label your emotions by utilizing check-in’s, discovery, sharing and strategies.  The Mood Meter can help you expand your emotional vocabulary and claims to support you when you would like to shift your mood.
Users: Over 10,000 + downloads with 4.3-star average rating (Apple App Store) *In-App purchases*

Clinical Support (for use by Student Support Services Staff)

Calm Harm

Web address:
Description: App provides activities to help manage the urge to self-harm. Developed with ideas from DBT. Activities are private. App can be an aid in treatment, but does not replace it.
Users: 100K+ downloads with 4.2 star average rating (Google Play Store)


Web address:
Description: Designed for people struggling with depression or anxiety. Users update their “Mood Journal” by answering three personalized questions the app asks each day. Statistics of your mood, a journal, and regular reports are given to the user to help them detect patterns and what they need to improve. Resources such as mediations, courses, and sleep aids are available too.
Users: 500K+ downalds with 4.6 average star rating (Google Play Store) *In-App purchases*


Web address:
Description: Developed for people who are at high-risk for suicide. People choose three primary contacts for who they can reach out to when they are suicidal. They can create a safety plan of coping strategies and sources of support. The app prides itself on its simplistic and easy-to-read design.
Users: 10K+ downloads with 3.8 average star rating (Google Play Store)


Web address:
Description: Utilizes CBT to address stress, anxiety, and depression through daily mood tracking, guided journeys (audio lessons and exercises), tools to calm your mind, assessments based on mood data, and a community of people who post a wide range of topics (personal strategies, words of encouragement).
Users: 1M+ downloads with 4.5 star average rating (Google Play Store)  *In-App purchases*

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