Culture, Family & Mental Health: A Family Strengthening Workshop for Immigrant/POC Parents & Caregivers

Mental health challenges are a rising concern among youth of color and immigrant children/children of immigrants. The unique stresses and pressures that they face prevent them from being in the best mindset to fully thrive in school, enjoy time with family/friends, and meet the daily challenges of life. For parents & caregivers, supporting youth with such challenges can be incredibly daunting, especially when so much stigma and silence surrounds mental health in cultural communities.

This workshop demystifies conversations about mental health for immigrant families & families of color, and addresses common cultural misconceptions about mental health. The workshop explores common stresses experienced by youth of color and immigrant children/children of immigrants including immigration stress, acculturation stress, race-based traumatic stress, intergenerational trauma, familial conflict, pressures to succeed, bullying, etc. Parents and caregivers are guided through practical intercultural and intergenerational communication strategies to help you talk to your child about mental health. Attendees will reflect on how their culture & community can serve as a source of strength to support the family’s collective mental health; and be challenged to lead by example through role modeling mentally healthy habits for the whole family.

The workshop facilitator, Michelle Garcia, shares lived experiences as a child of Asian American immigrants, a trauma survivor, and mental health educator for AAPI/BIPOC communities.


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