The School Mental Health Resource and Training Center recognizes that many educators have developed exemplary lesson plans for mental health education and innovative strategies to promote mental health and wellness among students, staff and families. To highlight this innovated and exciting work, we present School Shorts, a video-series of recorded, mini-webinars that are available for viewing below.

In each production, Resource Center staff will interview a leader from the school to better understand what they are doing and how it is helping their students. This on-going series will be continuously updated so be sure to check back for more!

Are you involved with a mental health education initiative in your school and want to be a part of School Shorts? Fill out the application here for the opportunity to feature your ideas. If you have any questions, please e-mail and include School Shorts in the subject line.


Calming Classroom: Lansingburgh Central School District

The utilization of comfortable chairs, warm colors, and other relaxing devices can create a space in your classroom to help students regulate their emotions.

Dana Roman, Director of School-Community Partnerships at Lansingburgh Central School District, shares what her school district does to create Calming Classrooms.

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