Since its inception in July 2018, the School Mental Health Resource & Training Center has made great strides in promoting mental health literacy and a positive climate for wellness of students, educators and families.

In June 2019, school and districts in New York State were invited to respond to an online survey conducted by WRI (Welfare Research, Inc.). Among those aware of the School Mental Health Resource & Training Center, 70% had used its resources. Over half had used the information to:

  • Review information about the New York State mental health education law
  • Share resources with colleagues
  • Download or access lesson plans

Of the 311 respondents, nearly 80% were aware of the School Mental Health Resource & Training Center.


More than 1,500 educators have accessed the Center’s K-12 “We All Have Mental Health” lesson plans on the website.

On December 12, an online training titled, “Supporting the Mental Health and Wellness of Students” was launched. Since then, 416 educators registered for the training.

The World Mental Health lesson plans were accessed approximately 1,800 times since they were posted on World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2018.

“Resource Briefs” provide a snapshot of programs for mental health instruction; 2,361 users have visited the webpage to view these resources.

The Center offers a search tool for community-based resources (by county) which has been visited 2,428 times since it was launched in October.

Regional staff provided mental health instruction in 21 school districts; 4,900 middle school and high school students received mental health education.


97% of those completing evaluations from all five Regional Summits agreed that the topics covered were relevant and the content could be applied to their work with students and/or in the school setting.

89% reported that the content increased their understanding of the alignment of the Mental Health Education Framework with other New York State Education Department initiatives.

“I have found this resource incredibly effective. One of the few partnerships that I have felt has had an immediate impact on our school community.”

—Educator Survey Respondent, June 2019

Note: The statistics above include data from July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

© 2019, Mental Health Association of New York State, Inc.

Prepared by WRI (Welfare Research, Inc.)

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