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Recordings of the Summer Academy are now available!

The School Mental Health Resource and Training Center hosted a 2-day virtual conference for school administrators and leaders. This Summer Academy for Mental Health Education provided opportunities to learn about mental health education and work on curriculum development. We discussed creating connections and planning partnerships with community partners and school-based clinics. Didn’t get the chance to attend? Watch the recordings below.

Mental Health Education Law: Understanding, Accountability, and Implementation (CTLE)

This session provided an overview of the requirements of the NYS Education Law mandating that all K-12 students receive mental health education as part of their health instruction. We reviewed current findings of success, discuss how to close gaps in implementation, and share best practices.


Taking Care of Yourself is No Longer Optional

For the past two years schools and communities have become increasingly aware of the importance of addressing and supporting the mental health needs of students. What often gets overlooked is the emotional and physical toll experienced by those in educational leadership and administration. In this session, you will explore strategies that are designed to help foster resilience, self-compassion and good mental health habits.



Beyond “Wellness Wednesdays”: Supporting the Mental Health and Wellness of School Staff (CTLE)

School administrators are not only responsible for the mental health education of students, but also for the mental health and wellness of their staff. This session focused on supporting teachers and staff, and addressed changes that can be implemented to enhance the climate and culture of your school.



Exploring Community Partnerships and School-Based Clinics

This panel discussion featured representatives from organizations who have partnered with school districts to create School-Based behavioral health clinics. We discussed the challenges, the benefits, and the process of creating these partnerships.


Engaging Families in the Mental Health Education Conversation

Let’s talk about how to engage families in supporting youth mental health and wellness. This panel discussed how schools can connect to their families and communities and work together to address youth mental health challenges and difficult topics.


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