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Soothing Bracelet for Busy Hands or Worried Minds

Beaded bracelet

These days we are spending more time in our homes, and it can be difficult to focus on tasks or school work while simultaneously fighting intrusive thoughts & worries. If you or a loved one are struggling to stay on task, and are interested in creating a tactile tool to help curb your distraction, this bracelet might be right for you!

A soothing bracelet is a simple, DIY craft that can help keep busy hands & minds calm, while taking focus away from worrisome thoughts. The bracelet has a longer piece attached with a larger bead on the end for self soothing. Pair it with deep breathing to enhance the mindfulness practice! Level up by pairing it with a positive statement or mantra for added focus (I am in control. I am safe. I am calm.)

When we are overwhelmed, it can be easy to shut down, or react with fight or flight responses, making self management more challenging- and in some cases, impossible. Focusing on self regulation and maintaining strong mind body connections during times of increased stress or crisis is important for people of all ages. The main goal is to manage feelings of stress, without succumbing to lingering negative thoughts or behaviors, limiting the control stress has over us.

Sometimes a physical reminder like the soothing bead, can be exactly what we need to bring us back to the present moment, more prepared to problem solve, and enjoy the day.

Create Your Own Soothing Bracelet

Items Needed

  • Small beads of choice
  • String (try picking for a more elastic type)
  • 1 LARGE bead for the end (try a textured bead!)
  • Scissors
  • Optional – bowls to organize beads to make creating fun patterns even easier


  1. Measure wrist with string. Leave extra room in order to tie it together, then cut. (You can always trim later, better than being too short!)
  2. Tie a strong knot on one end of the string.
  3. Add beads until the string is almost full and tie off tightly, leaving enough room to easily remove the bracelet.
  4. Next, measure from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger, leave extra room
  5. Tie off one end, and add beads leaving room at the end
  6. Add the large soother bead, tie off tightly.
  7. Tie the long strand to the bracelet.
  8. Wrap the long piece around your wrist when not in use.
  9. Worried or Stressed? Just unravel, and rub the soothing bead, recite positive statements, or transfer your worry into the bead, leaving you free to carry on with your day worry free.

Written by: Whitney Closson (MHANYS Staff)