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Family Lunch and Learn: conversations about youth mental health

With Randi Silverman, The Youth Mental Health Project

Each day, November 17, 18, 19 and 20 from noon to 12:45 pm

Millions of families are impacted by youth mental health challenges but we don’t always have the supportive network or the language to talk about the experience. Join Amy Molloy, Project Director, and Randi Silverman in a four-part series about youth mental health, the impact on families, how to advocate for help and support, and how to achieve and maintain wellness.

November 17 – We ALL have mental health…let’s talk about wellness (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

November 18 – Reaching out for help…when, why and how? (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

November 19 – Working together as a Family… what to expect and how to stay strong (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

November 20 – Hope for recovery…what is recovery and how do we get there? (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

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