Family Education Webinar Series

Throughout the year 2020, the School Mental Health Resource and Training Center will provide a monthly educational series for families and caregivers. Join live and engage the discussion with questions and ideas through live sessions listed underneath Upcoming Webinars. Can’t make it to the live session? Find these and other relevant webinars underneath the Recorded Webinars.

Upcoming Webinars


More coming soon!

Recorded Webinars

Mental Health and Wellness 101 for Families

This webinar presents mental health as a continuum of wellness and an integral part of our overall health, and encourages treatment seeking behavior and self-care to manage stress. FIND HERE.

Coping With a Crisis

Most families will experience a crisis (illness, loss, natural disaster, etc.) at some point. Whether it is a situation that impacts just your family or something impacting the entire community, families are affected in many ways. This webinar will provide the knowledge and tools to promote whole family wellness during a time of crisis: recognition of stress indicators, the development of coping strategies and positive communication. FIND HERE.

The MHANYS Family Education Project webinar series is funded by:


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