Family Education Webinar Series

The School Mental Health Resource & Training Center will provide monthly educational webinars for families and caregivers. Join us live to ask questions, or watch from our complete list of recorded webinars down below.

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Recorded Sessions

Reflecting, Rethinking and Responding to Support Student Mental Health & Wellness: a Panel of Parents and Caregivers

Following up on our panel discussion with teachers, MHANYS School Mental Health Resource and Training Center is excited to host a virtual panel discussion from a family perspective. A change in the school environment this fall to socially distanced In-person, remote, or a hybrid model for classroom instruction will pose challenges to families, caregivers, and students, including having an impact on mental health and wellness. Hear from parents and caregivers representing a range of community demographics as they reflect on their experiences and how they are planning to support the mental health and wellness of themselves and their families this coming school year. Recorded September 3, 2020

Supporting Family Mental Wellness: Strategies for Back to School

This video uses person-centered and strengths based strategies to help families identify ways to support mental wellness for their children and themselves as they prepare to go back to school during these uncertain times. Recorded August 25, 2020

Mindfulness in the Home

This video highlights the physical and emotional benefits of mindfulness, such as enhanced whole body wellness, improved sleep, increased focus and attention, and stress reduction. Learn the basics of Mindfulness practice; simple strategies to utilize mindfulness techniques and activities in the home and as part of your family’s daily routine. Please note, the intended audience for this specific video is family and caregivers, professional development credit is not available at this time. Recorded on July 31, 2020.

Below is a list of resources for further learning:
Mind Up

Mindful Schools 
Mindfulness Yoga
Tools to Promote Mental Health & Wellness

Trauma 101 for Families and Caregivers

According to the American Psychological Association, two-thirds of children will report experiencing a traumatic event before the age of 16. As families and caregivers, it is important for us to understand the basics about trauma – what is trauma, how does it impact youth and how can we lessen the negative effects of a traumatic event. Not everyone who experiences or witnesses trauma will be impacted in the same way. This should give us hope! Help is available with a better understanding of the trauma and treatment options, and the development of coping strategies and a strong supportive network.

MHANYS Infographics
Becoming a Resilient Family
All families face challenges and adversity. Our ability to respond to and recover from these difficulties is a measure of our resiliency. Learn how to help your family develop resiliency through clear and positive communication, flexibility, healthy coping strategies, a focus on individual and family strengths, and experiences that promote mental health and wellness.
Below is a list of resources for further learning:
Mental Health and Wellness 101 for Families

This webinar presents mental health as a continuum of wellness and an integral part of our overall health, and encourages treatment seeking behavior and self-care to manage stress. FIND HERE.

These following hand-outs were referenced in the webinar:

Coping With a Crisis

Most families will experience a crisis (illness, loss, natural disaster, etc.) at some point. Whether it is a situation that impacts just your family or something impacting the entire community, families are affected in many ways. This webinar will provide the knowledge and tools to promote whole family wellness during a time of crisis: recognition of stress indicators, the development of coping strategies and positive communication.

Managing Stress With a Wellness Mindset

Most families experience stress as we try to juggle daily responsibilities, social activities, and work. Some stress can even be healthy. How can we better manage stress? With a “Wellness Mindset”! And, how do we develop a “Wellness Mindset”? By developing and practicing five core competencies: self-compassion and positive inner dialogue, realistic expectations and healthy boundaries, and choosing to support self-care.

Below is a list of resources for further learning:
Martin Selgiman and Positive Psychology
Brene Brown
Negativity Bias hand-out
MindUp Curriculum
Mindful Schools

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