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Projects and Partnerships

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A Project Designed for All New York State Schools

Since July 2018, we have provided technical assistance and training to help schools deliver mental health instruction as part of the K-12 curriculum through a comprehensive website and quality educational events that meet the individual needs of the entire school community.

Advisory Panel

In order to ensure that our resources and programming continually meet the diverse needs of New York’s K-12 students, our Advisory Panel provides guidance, feedback and insights from a wide range of stakeholder organizations that support school staff, students and communities.  Members of the Advisory Council include representatives from NYS Parent Teacher Association, School Administrators Association in NYS, NYS School Boards Association, Families Together in NYS and Youth Power network.  The Advisory Panel meets quarterly in partnership with the NYS Office Mental Health and the NYS Education Department.


The School Mental Health Resource and Training Center engages in projects with partner organizations to meet the dynamic mental health and wellness needs of children, youth and families.  Examples include our Bullying Prevention Project, Family Education Webinar Series and projects promoting student wellness.


MHANYS recognizes the value and impact in working with state, county and local agencies and non-profit organizations that are committed to positively impacting children and families across New York State.  In addition to our partnerships with the NYS Office of Mental Health, the NYS Department of Education, and our Advisory Council member organizations, we continually welcome conversations about new and creative ways to address the mental health challenges in our state and working to erase the stigma associated with mental illness.  To learn more about initiating partnerships with MHANYS, please contact us.